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Natural Painkiller

World's First and Only Natural High Potency Painkiller

Natural Painkiller, july 10, 2009

 Play for 10 to 60 minutes depending on how much pain you have. Try and get the painful part closer to the video screen for best results. Contains Light Frequencies for diminishing pain. 

Benefits: 1. Naturally reduces pain- ie: headaches, joint pain, neck pain etc.

2. Reduces inflammation.

3. Reduces chronic pain.

4. Stops abnormal pain firing mechanisms.  

5. Is a safe and natural alternative to dangerous pain medications.


How it works: Specially designed light frequencies ( Light z-waves for pain ) travel through your computer screen into your environment. If you remain with 6 feet of your computer screen while this frequency is playing you will begin to notice a reduction in your pain with 2 to 60 minutes.




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