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Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Memory Loss, Dec 17, 2009

 Memory Loss


Memory loss can be due to many different causes but the 2 general categories are as follows; 1. Organic causes and 2. Trauma

1. Memory loss due to organic causes: Memory loss due to organic causes means that there is something limiting your memory ability due to genetics, poor diet, poisons like alcohol toxins etc, lack of stimulation of your memory, poor sleep habits, lack of excercise, lack of vitamins and minerals and finally and probably most importantly a lack of interest in improving your memory. All of the above can be easlily changed if your desire to improve your memory is good and consistent. Many people think that there memory can be improved by doing crosswords or by reading or by doing associations excercises etc, but the truth is real lasting memory strengthening and improvement is much more difficult than that. Our minds are normally designed to become lethargic with age and even senile with age. To improve your memory your want to strongly stimulate the brain and the brain cells for memory. You also need to stimulate the holographic memory. The best way to do this is to do the synaptic, photographic and savant memory videos for 30 minutes each every day. Only these videos will strongly stimulate your brain and mind and begin to strengthen your memory. these videos can be found in the photographic memory category.

Trauma: with trauma its important to rebuild the brain as much as possible because science is now rrealizing that the brain is highly plastic and can rebuild itself even after trauma. The synaptic memory video, photographic memory video and savant memory video can be used for 30 minutes each every day. Several months will be necessary is there is severe trauma and memory loss.  












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