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Memory Enhancement

AMAZING Photographic Memory Video ( Advanced Technology )

Memory Enhancement, dec 25/ 2008






The Futuremind Research team recently conducted the following experiment.

1. 10 out of 20 mice were subjected to the photographic memory video for a period of 8 hours per day for 7 days. They were then subjected to a complex maze run with a reward of food at the end of the maze. Of the ten mice exposed to the photographic memory frequency it took only 4 runs for all the mice to memorize the maze. After learning the maze the mice were able to successfully run through at an average time of 12 seconds with no mistakes. The mice were also able to retain the memory of the maze.

2. The 10 mice that were not subjected to the photographic memory video took an average of 26 runs to learn the maze and were still making various mistakes. Even after learning the maze the mice still had a slower time of 28 seconds to complete the maze. They also did not accurately retain a memory of the maze. 

This experiment shows that photographic memory frequency causes rapid learning and memory retainment in mice. 



The name of the game today is Enhancement. Whether it's memory, intelligence, energy or a great physique we all would like to have various improvements in our lives. The problem is weall tried things in the past that either didnwork or were of limited value. This is about to change for you in a very big way. This site has every single possible enhancement area of interest covered. This products/videos of this site have been proven to be extremely specific in stimulating your latent and natural abilities. Anyone of any age can benefit greatly from the phenominal discovery of    technologyon this site. Why is Futuremind better? Thereonly one reason we are better and that is because we can reach the most important key areas of talent, skill and other enhancement interests that are normally unreachable through supplements, excercise, genetics or any other possible means. Please tour the site and take part in The Futuremind products that are 40 to 50 years ahead of their time. The only way you can see your progress in those your key areas of interest is to use the products on this site. Our goal and vision is better health and success for You, Best Regards, The Futuremind Team.   


Interesting Facts from the Alzheimer Society  1. Without exception, All Peoples memory capacities and abilities decline with age.

2. On average people 30 years of age will lose 2 to 5 percent of their overall memory capacity.

3. On average people 50 years of age will have lost 20 to 30 percent of their overall memory capacity.

4. On average people 60 years of age will lose 40 to 50 percent of their original memory capacity.   NEXT TO FITNESS MEMORY ENHANCEMENT IS THE HOTTEST AREA OF PEOPLE'S INTEREST AND HEALTH IMPROVEMENT TODAY. THE GOOD NEWS- YOUR MEMORY CAN BE IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY. THE MEMORY VIDEOS ON THIS SITE WILL IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY DRAMATICALLY REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE. If you would like a minimum 300 percent improvement your general memory then use this video for 30 minutes every day for 2 weeks. These memory videos are designed to strongly stimulate various memory centers and cause a strong surge in memory ability and improvement. SIGN UP TODAY and dramatically improve all your memory abilities.  




 Photographic Memory-  This video no matter what age you are will improve your visual and other aspects of your memory by a minimum of  300 percent.  You can develope photographic memory with our new Memory AT (Advanced Technology ) because photographic memory is possiblewith this type oftechnologyWould you like to improve memory ability in all areas and types of your memory capacities? By developing a photographic memory you will also tend to strengthen and improve memory in other areas such as name, facial recognition, card memory, page memory, number memory, exam memory and much more.

You can develope photographic memory rapidly by viewing this first video ever of Photographic Memory Simulation. By viewing this video for 1 to 2 hours a day you will notice a distinct improvement in your visual memory abilities.

This memory improvement works because your mind is synchronizing with memory light frequencies that are associated with real physiological photographic memory statesthat are emmitted by this video. Even after just one viewing people will notice an improvement in visual memory.

To develope a strong photographic memory you will need to use this video 1 to 2 hours per day for several weeks. Start to improve your visual and photographic memory today!!!!




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Memory Enhancement

Memory Enhancement, July 22/2008

     MEMORY ENHANCEMENT- The memory improvement parts or the "NATURAL" memory improvement aspects of short term memory improvement and long term memory improvement will be focused on in this category. This video will tend to stimulate NEURON GROWTH or DUPLICATION. There's an old saying in neuroscience that states " THE MORE NEURONS YOU HAVE THE BETTER AND FASTER YOUR BRAIN MEMORIZES AND PERFORMS. "    This video will also help thicken and protect the axons and dendrites that interconnect neurons.

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