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Improving Memory Basics

Improving Memory

Improving Memory Basics, dec 17, 2009

 Improving your memory can be broken down into 2 basic categories:

1. The hard wired part of your brain and 2. The functional part of your brain.

With the hard wired part of your brain it's important to have a diet rich in protein and ALLthe vitamins and minerals to build the neural and dendritic parts of your brain.  Amino Acids particularily "methionine" found in meats and protein supplements are very important in building the basic building blocks of memory. B-vitamins are also very important. Brain circulation is also very important and can be improved by excercise and supplements such as ginko biloba and vinpocetine.  

With the functional aspect of memory you need to understand that you have to stimulate very strongly the different types of memory functions in order to improve your memory. While you can do association and pnemonics excercises these tend to only stimulate the holographic part of the brain mildly. To develope a powerful memory you will have to STRONGLY STIMULATE the neural and dendritic aspects of your brain by using the videos on this site. You will develope your memory much faster and more powerfully by doing it this way. Start by joining the site and begin by doing the synaptic stimulation video for 10 minutes per day followed by the photographic memory video 20 minutes per day and then finally the savant memory video 20 minutes per day. This will slowly start to form a very strong basic network of neuronal and dendritic pathways as well as the right types of protein formations in the brain for memory. 




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