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Creator like vibes

The Creator

Creator like vibes , October 4, 2007

 THE CREATOR!!! An experience that allows you to sense "the creators" vibration.




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Creative Visualization

Creator like vibes , july 14, 2007

 Creative Visualization: Many books have been written about the power of Creative Visualization. This skill can be traced back and found in the caves of early man:  there can be found images of the men hunting and also pictures of prey being sucessfully caught. These early cavemen realized that if they had a clear picture of what they wanted they had a much better result with their hunting. Creative Visualization has also been used by successful entrepreneurs and athletes to crystalize and solidify their goals and objectives. Many authentive authors have written about Creative Visualization and how it works with the conscious and subconscious mind to cause objectives to become realized. We have been working for several years and have developed a specific Creative Visualization Frequency video that allows the mind to move into the "Creative Visualization Mind Zone ".  

     The prupose of this video is to allow your mind to rapidly ascend into the Creative Visualization Zone and thus enable the user to "hold" the visualized objective for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Keep it simple. 1. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want.( Write it down ) for example: a new house, a new car, a new job, a bill marked paid...Get pictures of the things you want ( For pictures try to get a picture of yourself in the new car that you want.. GET YOURSELF IN THE VISUALIZATIONS ) and tape them to your computer screen and let the energy of the video "SuperManifest your visualizations which will make them more powerful.  2. Make sure you 'see' in your minds eye what you want. 3. Make sure you hold the image until you feel it is a "thoughtform" or "IS WORKING " by "CONNECTING" WITH THE OBJECTIVE YOU ARE VISUALIZING. 4. After you visualize your objective, try to charge that visualization WITH Brilliant ( Manifestation Energy ) light and get the feeling that this light is "Grabbing" your visualization and working powerfully on it to bring it to reality. 5. Normally after a good visualization session you may get "Good Ideas" about how to help you get your objective, and you always want to act on these good ideas.

Don'ts: 1.Never visualize what you don't want. 2. Don't visualize the impossible-keep it small at first-like visualize yourself getting a job or paying off a small bill etc. As you get better with this technology you can try for bigger and better things.

Remember: Creative Visualization and manifestation energy are by far the most powerful ways of manifesting your objectives and desires. Be sure to use the " Manifestation Energy " video in this section to "Super Manifest" your goals and desires. Also make sure you HAVE  A ACTUAL "TODO" list of things you can, should or will do to help your visions become realities. 



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Manifestation Energy

Creator like vibes , March 18/2008

 Manifestation Energy is a video that encourages any of your visualized images or affirmations to manifest with more speed and more consistency.  

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Extreme Manifestation Energy

Creator like vibes , sep 29/2008

 Extreme Manifestation  Energy is guarenteed to get something happening.

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Extreme Manifestation Energy 2

Creator like vibes , 0ct 20/2008

 This energy is more specific for setting and realizing goals that require people as in clients, customers, etc. Playing this video with a strong , clear image of clients , customers etc. in mind and letting the energy of this video work will definitely positively affect and attract people to you from hundred's of miles around you.

As an excercise1. Visualize  a group ( remember - to visualize a little more than what you need ex: if you want 5 new clients visualize 70 to 80 new clients as there can be resistance to your visualization )  of clients or new clients entering your office or place of business.

2. While holding a clear vision of these new clients play this video and try to imagine the manifestation energy of this video surrounding and infusing itself into your image, and simultaneously, imagine this manifestation energy/image working on or sending out energy into your community of clients encouraging or fascilitating the people in your community to think and make a positive decision to use your products/services.

3. Repeat this process daily and you will soon have an office full of happy right for you clients.

4. In time you also have more skill and more understanding as to how this interpersonal communication works.






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