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Elite Hockey Muscle Memory

aug 1, 2007

    Develope Elite Hockey Muscle Memory For Hockey. By synchronizing your muscles with this video simulation of elite muscle memory you can retrain your muscles to act and react in an elite way. Consistency and improvement are the keys to success in any sport. This video will mainly improve hockey shooting skills but will also have overlapping effects such as skating improvement and passing improvement etc.

Please remember that this video is for hockey muscle memory ONLY.

     Play this video on your laptop while you practice shooting and stickhandling in you practice area. ( This could be your  basement, or garage etc.) The more you use this video the more elite muscle memory ability you should develope. Use 2 to 3 hours every day for best results. (Some competitive players are playing this video in the background of their rooms or at night during sleep for constant and consistent  stimulation.) 

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