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Elite Golf Muscle Memory

aug.1, 2007

  People with elite golf muscle memory, as we define it, can be and usually are at the top of the golfing world. Why is this so? Well, the biggest word to describe success in golf is consistency.  Consistency is defined as "The ability to remember and do, or repeat a desired action". Why is it so difficult to hit a golf ball the same way every time? The fact is "BECAUSE YOUR MUSCLES DON"T REMEMBER TO HIT IT THE SAME WAY EVERYTIME. How can the great golfers of the world be on the green in regulation most of the time? How can they be amazingly consistent most of the time?

  We believe that 95% or more of the best successes in golf are the result of extremely rare and amazingly accurate muscle memory 'abilty'. We haved called this rare attribute " Elite Golf Muscle Memory ".

This Video Projects the frequency of elite golf muscle memory which you can absorb, and "use" for your own golf success. The following technologies are included to attain this effect:

1. The z-lightwave carries the frequency. The z-lightwave is a trademarked light wave that has a special resonating effect. The z-lightwave emmits from the video and carries a special wave pattern that allows your body to synchronize with the frequency that is being carried.

2. The frequency that is carried by the z-wave is the exact frequency value of elite muscle memory for golf. After deducing all the various known physiological frequencies in the muscle memory protein group and deducing the probable area of the elite muscle memory  proteins we mathematically arrived at the most likely physiological frequency for elite muscle memory for golf. In layman's terms this means that we have deduced the vibration or frequency for elite golf muscle memory specifically. 

3. After subjectively testing the video on various golfers it has been subjectively determined that we are correct in our calculations.

4. The User of this video tries to get the "FEEL" of elite muscle memory. This video will create more consistency, more positional feel and a more accurate-repetitive swing. Each person will have to determine how many days per week is good for them. We suggest 3-6 days per week. A 3 days per week program of 2 to 3 hours per day would be a good building program. A 6 day a week program of 2 to 3 hours or more per day would be a good acceleration program.

5. Suggested directions: a. Use a laptop screen to play video from your internet connection. Use the zoom function and play video with "Full Screen". If indoors or outdoors (on the range) try to have the computer screen positioned 3 to 4 feet away from your body. You can experiment with this distance for best effects. Use  video for all shots including putting. This video can be used by all golfers irregardless of their level. For beginners it would be best to take a lesson first and then use this later while practicing. For competitive player's this video will consolidate and deepen  your swing consistency. It will be especially good to use for any new swing changes. If there are no new swing changes it will tend to increase confidence and strengthen your current abilities. The more consistently you use this process the better your results will be. Younger players between 10 and 18 will likely develope faster with this technology. Most competitive golfers will experience results immediately but will require time (3 to 6 month's) to attain consistent results. ( Most competitive players and even professional players will notice a purer type of muscle memory after using video for 6 to 12 months.) 

Senior's will likely see a big improvement in their game because muscle memory naturally fades with age. 

The best procedure for any level of golfer would be to take lessons with a certified golf instructor and then use this video after the lesson.

Remember that it will take time for your muscles to get used to a higher level of play.

   Muscle Memory is and always will be where it's at. Remember also, to accelerate your progress, take golf lessons from a qualified and reputable golf professional if necessary.







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