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Hi, I'm a first year community college student. I partied quite a bit in highschool and just barely passed. I got into college and was actually failing all my courses . A friend of mine told me about this site and I joined. I started using the photographic memory and focus video every day and wow. My marks are like in the eighties. I haven't had marks this high since grade 2. I'm so amazed . I'm also saying thank-you because I know it was these videos that really helped me. I'm alot more confident now and would like to just say try these videos. They do work, they are real, they will help and they were really what I needed and I still use them. Most of my friends are trying them too, and they're getting better marks too.  


Tanis , first year community college student in Business Admin, accounting major

I really like the sleep energy and work energy video's. I think people would be amazed at how effective they really are. I think atheletes would greatly benefit from these videos. I also think that truck drivers , cab drivers and anyone else that works long exhausting hours would greatly benefit from these energy videos. I play the work energy video all day and I get a really good hit of energy from it. I play my sleep video at night and get up in the morning totally rested. This is truly a great site with lots of new innovation.


Dennis G. Edmonton, Alta

I would definitely recommend the Chemistry video. I got an A+ in first year University chemistry using that video. It got me right down to the chemistry molecular level quickly and allowed me to comprehend and be able to do all the problems quickly and fairly easily. You still have to do all the work but it lets you do it quickly and capably. I definitely breezed through first year because of that video. "Two Thumbs Up".


D.S. First year Science University Student.

The sleep energy video is amazing. Whenever I feel tired I just play it for 30 minutes and I'm totally rested. Absolutely amazing.


Dr.J.P. Fernandez, Tampa. Florida

I really like the Photographic Memory Video. For me, it has made a difference in my visual memory. I already have a good memory but it gives you an enhanced memory and also improves the memory you already have. Very Impressive.


Josh Grenier, school administrator

I like the strength video. Don't understand how you guys did it but I work out alot and I'm definitly stronger. How do I buy a video?



 I really like the VALUE and new technological direction here. I like the fact that I can get a high quality product, in an area where I need a lot of help like memory and focus , and I like that it is available 24/7 and at my fingertips. I also feel like I'm back on top of my game and getting ahead of some of my coworkers as my memory and focus have skyrocketed. I really like the NEW memory abilities that I have now and am amazed that I can have them so easily. My visual memory is really strong and my general memory is much much better. I don't think that I have a complete photographic memory yet but I think I'm definitely almost there. I can easily recall a lot of visual data now that I couldn't recall before. I also like the technological concept of the frequency being what you are trying to develope. That is just brilliant and makes so much more sense because your body and mind will take in what's in your environment. I also like the fact that I can use these products every day and get better and better. I was a little worried at first because I didn't know what to expect but now 2 months later I'm a huge fan and am very excited about this light frequency technology.      


 Harvey S. ,45 years old,  Lab Technologist 

The Multiple memory Video has been great for me, I have two laptops and I play the multiple memory video in one and the savant video in the other. Awesome memory effects. I recall effortlessly all day at university and also at work. Two thumbs way up!!!  


Janice Becker, Toronto, Ontario

I'm trying out the multiple memory video right now, I've noticed quite the improvement in just a few days, I'll keep you posted.


D.J., New York, N.Y.

I'm using the Calculus video right now and am pretty impressed. I seem to be able to get right into it and do the problems a lot better and faster than usual. Very impressed.


Damon, second year university, math major.

I have four computer screens that I have at my disposal and I use the work energy, the sleep energy, the multiple memory and the savant memory and I absolutely love them, they have made a major difference, wouldn't dream of going without them!!


Dr. R. Health Professional

This is like being at a David Copperfield show but the magic at this site is "REAL".


Dr. John Hoffman, Las Vegas Nevada

There's some real potential here. Learning or learning to learn is a real struggle for some and I really think this is a step in the right direction. Parents need to look at the advantages of aptitude improving technologies like this one. This would be particularly beneficial in areas like physics and chemistry.


Dr. W.S. University Education Professor

Wow, what a site, I've been doing some physics problems and am just flying through no problem. Normally I struggle a lot with Physics. This site is like a blessing for me. Instant Physics aptitude!


Travis, first year university student.

This is an Amazing site. You guys should get an academy award!!!! You guys have a rare kind of talent!!! 


Peter Travidt, New York 

This has to be either the greatest invention in the world ever or at least on a par with the best inventions we've had to date.


Bob Allen, Marketing Executive 

Wow, I mean think about this for a minute, Not only do I think this product works, in fact I know I'm getting excellent results from whichever video I use, but think of the potential here. You could reach such great inner potential with these videos!!!


Larry Robertson

Hello out there, I'm a fourth year arts major at a midwestern university. I already had a 4.0 average before I tried this site. However, I am really quite surprised at the effectiveness of the memory videos. What would normally take me 5 hours to read and commit to memory now only takes about three hours. I also have a more well defined retrieval abilty which I believe has come from the photographic memory video in combination with the multiple memory video and large memory capacity video. I now have a 4.5 average and I really do believe that my memory is much stronger than it was before and I like the fact that I have a larger memory capacity. I am going to start working soon with the savant memory video to see what it's effects are. I also really like the idea of light as a safe medium for memory development.   


Brent Hawkins

Hi, I'm a third year arts major in toronto and am taking some tough courses. My gpa is about a 3.8.  I got referred to this site and started experimenting with the different video's. The 2 I like the most are reading comprehension and multiple memory. I play the multiple memory video everyday in my room and on my laptop in class. I have my laptop hooked up to my cell phone so I have internet access all the time on my laptop. I find the multiple memory video to be the best. My gpa is up at around a 4.3 now. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone. You definitely don't need to be a university student to benefit from this site. This site would be great for highschool student's, people in the work force and seniors.  This site is awesome in many ways. Two thumbs up!!!  


G.S. York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hey there, I'm a professional soccer player and I sometimes get to my room late and have to get up early the next day, or I get to my room at 2:00 A.M. due to a late flight and have to get up early the next day. I play the sleep energy video all night in my room on my laptop and  wake up totally rested. I also play the work energy video and feel alot more energetic during games. I'm going to try the EBO video next before games to see what it's like. This site is an athlete's dream come true.   


D.B. Professional Soccer Player.

Hello, I am a natural sceptic when it comes to most things but I must say that I am very impressed with this site so far. I used the memory enhancement videos and after about three months I noticed a very big difference in all of my memory abilities. I also noticed a big increase in my energy levels as I have used the work energy and sleep energy videos, I will continue to use this site as you need to keep doing it for steady improvement.


John Burgess, Winnipeg, Mb

 I'm a professional golfer and I used to win a lot of tournaments, but in the last 2 to 3 years I was struggleing with my game. I tried just about everything to get my game to come back but nothing really worked. I heard about this site from my doctor and I joined and started using the elite golf muscle memory video. My swing has greatly improved. I've pretty much eliminated all my miss hit tendencies and my swing is almost perfectly consistent. I'm really impressed. I was always told that there is no such thing as muscle memory but this video totally throws that idea out the window. To me this has to be the biggest athletic breakthrough video of the century.   Two thumbs way up and then some


 L.D. Professional Golfer

 For Video Testimonials on Frequency Therapy click this link :


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fh0RJczTAc )



This is an awesome site, I love the photographic memory video the most. 


 Al Greenspan, North Carolina

 Hey everyone, I'd just like to say that I think the site is so cool, I really like the youth and beauty videos they are awesome. 


 Kathy, British Columbia

 This site is very inspirational and a breath of new and decent technology, No b.s. here, just excellent sensations and cool video's, and if you're missing a few marbles check out the memory enhancement page, I already saved my rearend on one of my exams with the photographic memory enhancement, Anyway you gotta love this site it's real,  it's fast, it's convenient, and best of all it works, You guys at futuremind are awesome.


 Caile, Southeast U.S.A

 Great videos guys, I really like the memory videos and energy videos, Keep up the great work, I hope everyone enjoys this site as much as I do, Bravo


 Dmetreas, Green Bay

 This is intriguing and fascinating. The big thing here with this product is the classic concept. Photographic memory today will still be a huge advantage 200 years from now, as well as sleep energy, work energy, athletic muscle memory, math ability etc. I really like the classic nature of this site. Way To Go Futuremind.    


 H.S. New York, New York

 "Brilliant" "Fascinating" "Ingenius", "it's the worlds greatest invention and discovery". 


 Dr. D. C. San Diego, California