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The worlds most exciting site has the worlds most exciting residual income program.

Futuremind is the only established technological company in the world to offer
a Guarenteed Residual Income Program.
We do this by placing non-referred members directly under you in your downline.
This is also called a forced matrix.
So far everyone that has joined Futuremind has recieved a minimum
of $10.00 within 48 hours and their downline has continued to grow.

We strongly encourage you to join now as this company is just starting
and will become one of the largest companies in the world within the next 5 years.

Our system is called: The Power Of One.
Send us one of your friends and we will reward you handsomely.
You will receive 30% of their subscription amount
and 10% of the subscription amount of anyone that they sign up.

The good news - our switch board will automatically place solo members
who joined Futuremind without a referral directly under you promoting your downline
and causing a forced matrix effect.

These solo members will be rotated evenly through out paid Futuremind members.

It is very simple. When your friend signs up make sure that he/she records
your email as the person referring them to our site.

All residual income will be sent directly to your paypal account.

You will continue to receive residual income as long as you are an active paid member
for every paid member below you as long as they are active paid members.


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If you have any questions or concerns about your Futuremind account please email us at maximizedpersonaldevelopement@futuremind.ca and we return your email as soon as possible.