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What are some of the advantages of using light frequencies vs other processes?

The biggest advantage that light frequencies have is versatility. There are many thousands of different light frequencies and effects that are possible for different uses. Another advantage is convenience. You have all this technology at the tip of your fingers which can save you a lot of time. Another advantage is safety. These videos are safe for anyone to use. Another big advantage is in the area of interest. For example light frequencies can stimulate the mind for deep recall memory specifically. Another example would be stimulating the mind area specifically for mathematics, again no other process can do that as specifically as light frequency.

How many different videos are possible with frequencies science?

Each video projects a different frequency and thus creates a different effect. There are many different frequencies possible and many different effects possible. I would say it's almost unlimited the number of videos possible.

Is this science safe for people to use?

Yes. There is no known side-effect possible from viewing these videos. If you feel uncomfortable using these videos simply stop using them and the light frequencies will immediately disappear from your environment.

If I have a poor memory how long will it take for my memory to improve?

Everyone is different but if you use the multiple memory video as a base and the other memory videos every day as well, you will likely notice immediate improvements. 

What is the purpose of Futuremind Video?

To enhance and enrich the lives of people through the science of environmental light frequencies.

What is all the excitement about with light frequencies.

The Excitement is that you can improve and enrich your life with the science of Light Frequencies.

This is an amazing science, how will it help me?

Most people have various inadequacies in their lives whether it's a poor or declining memory ability, or a lack of focus, or any numerous deficiencies. By using this new science of light frequency you can help yourself improve in many areas of your life quickly, economically and safely.

What is a frequency?

A frequency is defined as a the number of times an entity cycles in one second. Examples of entities are electricity, sound and light.

How much is it to be a member of this site.

Currently it is 39.95  U.S per month Some of the advantages and benefits of membership is that you cannot get these video effects ( ie  Savant memory, Elite athletic muscle memory etc. )  anywhere else in the world. You also can't get these benefits as conveniently as in this technology. We will also be upgrading and introducing even more spectacular products soon.  You also cannot get these life enriching effects with any other type of technology. These video's are also called classics because their effects will be just as valuble 100 years from now as they are today. For example photographic memory will still be photographic memory 100 years from now and will still be in great demand. Thats why this site is very exciting, progessive and innovative

I love the look of these videos, they look so cool, but some of the videos look almost the same. What's the difference between each video?

Each Video's primary difference is that it has a different light frequency for a different effect. Because these frequencies are vibrating in the 100's and 1000's of cycles per second and in certain cases even much higher your eye cannot see the difference in light. We also use only certain cosmetic globes because theses are the only substances at this time that facilitate a the desired effect.

What if I have a head injury, will these videos still work for me?

It depends how severe your head injury is. If you try the program for a month or two and don't notice any improvement then there may be too much trauma.It would still be a good idea to try the programs and possibly get improvement.

Will these videos work for alzheimers disease?

It likely depends how severe the deterioration is. However it would be a good idea to try the multiple memory ability video as a base for 1 to 2 hours per day and then the other videos as well for a shorter period each day for possible results.

How do you know which frequencies to use to make a certain effect?

Well, that is the most difficult part of working with light frequencies. First you need to know the basic area of the frequency and you also need a special type of light medium to create the desired effect. Of course these are our trademarks. When we first started these processes 20 years ago we only knew for certain 3 or 4 specific frequencies, one was beta wave which is approximately 18 cycles per second, another was delta wave which again is approximatelty between 1 and 4 cycles per second. As time passed we accumulated more and more data and were able to use specific math deduction formulas to arrive at the frequencies we have today. It's a very difficult and time consuming mathematical process.

What is the purpose of the rotating globes in each video?

Each video consists of a frequency light projector and a rotating globe. The rotating globes are made of quartz, diamond and special glass and are registered materials. The frequency light projector is positioned at the back of the rotating globe and projects the desired frequency through the globe and into your environment. The globes are used mainly for cosmetic purposes but in some cases the globes tend to magnify the light frequencies which is necessary for stronger effects on certain videos.

How does light Transmit through my computer screen into my environment?

We have developed a specially designed light called a Z-Wave that can trans-emit into your environment.

Is this a Metaphysical product?

No. Frequency is purely scientific. Examples of how we use other forms of frequency to aid us in other areas of our lives are: 1. We recieve radio frequencies to the antennas of our cars in order to hear the "Broadcast"( Broadcast is a way of describing waves of frequencies). 2. We then Change channels on our radio to get our favorite channel, we are actually moving the tuner to get a different frequency. 3. We use microwaves to heat our food. 4. When we listen to someone talk our ears pick up the vibration or frequency of their voice. 5. We use ultrasound frequencies to break up kidney stones and to see babies inside the womb. 6. We use radar frequencies to detect speed. 7. We use cellphone frequencies to talk on the cellphone. 8. We use sonar frequencies to detect whales, submarines and ships. The list is actually endless.  In order to access all the above targets we have to know the basic entity we are trying to detect.  With light frequency science we know the frequencies of various effects and are simply making them available through light frequency technology.

What creates the magic of each video?

The magic or effect is created by knowing which frequency will produce the desired effect. It seems like magic and in a sense it is somewhat magical. But it can be broken down to an exact science.

 Are there any scientific instruments used to help determine specific frequencies for the desired effects on the videos?

 Yes. We use our own designed Formulative Ossilltronoscopy Analyzer. The end result analysis is a combination of wave form data, creative mathematics and deductive mathematics.

 How do I cancel my membership?

 To cancel your membership go to your paypal account and select my account, then details, then cancel subscription.