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Welcome to Futuremind - The World's Most Advanced Therapeutic Light Technologies

Futuremind is a highly advanced technological company that uses the science of light frequencies to create therapeutic effects.

With our technology we are mostly interested in the effect that different kinds of light frequencies can have on our talents and abilities.

The Goal is to help you get
to the next level!



Scholastic Achievement

"I Got An A+" in first year university chemistry using the Chemistry Video on this site. I think it was especially helpful in getting me focused quickly and increasing my ability in doing university level chemistry. "Two Thumbs Way Up"

D.S. 19 year old University Student

Mental Sharpness

"I've really noticed a big improvement in my memory ability, Especially my visual memory, my recall of names, facts, details, and all my professional data details, Incredible Really".

Dr. Bob S., 50 Years of Age

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Members can also draw on Futuremind support, where questions on which videos are best suited to achieve a desired effect can be addressed.

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the energy coming from these videos is subtle. It will take time
and synchronization practice to obtain the maximum possible results from these videos.
Most people notice effects immediately after viewing the videos.

Memory Improvement

My memory for my grandchildren is so much better now that I've been using the memory video's. I can remember all their names and birthdays and everything else, I'm Very Happy with this program, My memory is better now than 40 years ago.

Mrs. J A
Grandmother, 69 Years